Wood Crate & Milk Jar Centerpiece



This rustic styled crate is constructed from 3/8" and 3/4" thick poplar using glue and nails. The crate perfectly accommodates three milk bottles and can be used as a very nice flower centerpiece. We offer two treatments to the crate: a dark walnut stain and a white-wash finish. We chose poplar wood for the crate since poplar will give much better results when painted or stained as compared to pine. As always, custom size and or material requests are welcome.


**Three milk jars are included with crate**


Note: For crates made out of harder woods like Oak, Maple, Walnut, etc.. we will switch from using nails to 3/16" dowels for the construction technique.


 Dimensions of crate: 11.25" long x 3.875" wide x 3.5" tall







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